Version 1.0 as of 06/07/2017

This document (hereinafter “the Policy”) establishes the terms for the processing of personal information (hereinafter “Information”) by FOODLE.

The terms and definitions contained in the User agreement must be correspondingly interpreted in the Policy.

1. Content of Processed Information

1.1. The following may be included as processed information:

1.1.1. Information provided by the User independently, including his or her e-mail address, telephone number, address, as well as his or her preferred payment method.

1.1.2. Information obtained from third parties, including from partners and advertisers.

1.1.3. Technical and statistical information collected automatically:

  • The IP address of the User’s mobile device and the time and location of access.
  • Information on the mobile operator, the mobile device’s data (including the ID of the mobile device and app), the search parameters, and information from cookies files.
  • The telephone number and e-mail address during the User's registration in the Mobile App.
  • Information on the sections of the Mobile App visited.
  • Other information that became known as a result of the Mobile App's functions being used.

1.1.4 Local access to the phone's address book can be requested by calling the "Share order" function in order to conveniently select contacts for the user to send an invitation message. The platform does not collect or store the specified contact information.

2. Objectives of Information Processing

2.1. The main objective of the Policy is the protection of User information from access by third parties and the fulfillment of the obligations envisaged in the User agreement.

2.2. The User agrees that FOODLE can use the information provided for the purposes of:

2.2.1. Providing for interaction with the User.

2.2.2. Individual setup, analysis, and improvement of the services as well as the information accumulation of the Mobile App.

2.2.3. The implementation of partner and other programs related to the sending of advertising information.

2.2.4. Information comparison for confirming its accuracy and third-parties’ checking in cases envisaged by law.

2.2.5. Prevention of cases of fraud and other abuses as well as the investigation of such cases.

2.2.6. Conducting statistical and other investigations based on depersonalized data.

2.2.7. Collection of reviews and identifying flaws in functionality.

3. Information Processing

3.1. Information processing is conducted by FOODLE independently following its receipt.

3.2. The collection of information is implemented in the following ways:

3.2.1. Users’ provision of information while filling out the corresponding forms in the Mobile App: during registration, downloading, the viewing of certain content, or other use of the Mobile app's functions.

3.2.2. With the use of third-party resources, including outside web analytics or partners that help FOODLE provide, analyze, and improve the Mobile App and partner resources.

3.2.3. Automatic collection of User information:

  • While calls are made to the phone numbers indicated in the Mobile App, emails are sent, and feedback is provided.
  • With the help of technologies and services: web protocols, cookies, and web tags that are only launched when the User enters his or her data.

3.3. The storage and use of information.

3.3.1. The storage of information is performed in a way that permits its subject to be determined as quickly as the corresponding processing goals require. Processed information is subject to elimination or anonymization until the processing goals are achieved or in the case there is no longer a necessity to achieve these goals.

3.3.2. The User’s information is stored exclusively in on duly protected electronic media and processed with the use of automated systems.

3.4. Disclosure of Information

3.4.1. FOODLE shall not transmit information to third parties without the User's consent except in cases when such information is in the public domain or the transfer of the information is performed:

  • By the request of government authorities.
  • With the written confirmation of the User.
  • Within the bounds of the sale or other transfer of the Service into the ownership of third parties. Meanwhile, all obligations to observe the Policy's terms shall transfer to the entity acquiring it.

3.5. Elimination of Information

3.5.1. The User's information may be eliminated by FOODLE in the case of:

  • A threat to the security and functionality of the Service.
  • The User's violation of the terms of the Agreement.
  • Based on the User’s request.

4. Cookies Files

4.1. FOODLE cannot publish cookies files on the User’s device and obtain information stored in these files while the User is using the Mobile App.

4.2. The administration uses cookies files and similar technology to render the User's experience more convenient and safer.

4.3. The user shall be entitled to manage cookies files and switch them off in his or her device’s settings.

4.4. After turning off the use of cookies files, some elements of the Mobile App might not function properly.

5. Information Protection

5.1. FOODLE shall take all the necessary and sufficient legal, organization, and technical measures to protect the information provided by Users from unsanctioned or accidental access, elimination, measurement, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as other unsanctioned actions taken with it by third parties, by way of limiting access to such information for other users, employees, FOODLE partners, third parties (except for information provided to FOODLE, necessary to fulfill its obligations to the USERS and Russian legal requirements), and the imposition of sanctions on such parties for the violation of the mode of confidentiality with regard to such data.

5.2. FOODLE guarantees that the information provided by Users shall not be combined with statistical data, shall not be provided to third parties, and shall not be disseminated except in cased envisaged in the Confidentiality Policy.

5.3. FOODLE shall take technical and organizational measures to provide the User with the ability to obtain access to the information provided to it and edit such information.

6. Policy Validity Restrictions

6.1. The Policy's validity encompasses only the Mobile App and does not apply to the advertisers’ websites.

6.2. FOODLE cannot guarantee that the information published by a User in the Mobile app will remain fully protected.

6.3. The user must determine the level of confidentiality of the information provided to the Mobile App at her or his own discretion. The Mobile App shall not be held liable for the activities of third parties in relation to such information.

7. Concluding Provisions

7.1. The Policy's availability int he public domain is provided for in the Mobile App.

7.2. FOODLE may make amendments to the Policy along with indicating the dates of such amendments and publishing the information in the Mobile App; meanwhile, a new edition shall enter into legal force following the publishing.

7.3. In the event that issues should arise regarding the Policy, they must be sent to the address:

FOODLE contact information: